Can Changing Your Showerhead Save You Money?

Changing your showerhead to a new one is a simple, cheap way to use less water and save on your monthly utility bills.

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New Fixtures Can Save More Than Just Water

Everyone likes to save money, right? We think so!

Simple home adjustments can present a big relief to your household budget. Changing to a modern, low-flow showerhead system can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs each year.

On average, a ten-minute shower can use about 55 gallons of water. That means that one 55-gallon water barrel is used per person, per shower! Sounds expensive, right? Showerheads manufactured prior to 1992 used around 5.5 gallons of water per minute. Newer showerheads, made after 1992, use about half that amount of water, or around 2.5 gallons per minute. Changing your showerhead can save your family 27,000 gallons of water each year!

You rely on an electric water heater or gas-powered heater to bring the water up to the desired temperature. Not only will you save water, but a new showerhead means you also save money on heating-related expenses, especially during the cold winter months.

Replacing a showerhead is a simple task. Make sure the faucet is turned off, then twist the shower head. A wrench or a pair of pliers may be needed for this task. Once you’ve removed the old showerhead, wipe the threads of the pipe clean using a damp rag, then screw in the new showerhead by twisting it into place.

Regular Cleaning & Replacement

Already installed low-flow showerheads? Routine maintenance to clean or replace the showerhead in each bathroom on a regular basis is still important. Calcium carbonate deposits can gradually build in your water, turning into limescale. Limescale can restrict the flow of water and interfere with the function of low-flow showerheads.

Speak with Your Plumber

If you have questions about the best available options for low-flow shower heads, take the time to talk with your local Aloha Plumbing professionals. We’re here to help!

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